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I married my current wife Gretchen knowing full well that she is a committed bi-sexual lesbian. Gretchen is 35, 5’5” inches tall with a very muscular body, short hair, with very small breasts. Her breasts are so small they cannot be distinguished under a loose T-shirt. Her face has a boyish look to it and frequently she is mistaken for a young man. So you say why did you marry this woman? Well she had a great personality, is very intelligent and was a successful Property Manager in town.

Gretchen also loved sex; her muscular body led her to have the tightest pussy I have ever had. Her pussy itself was very small in size with a narrow two inch opening and small butterfly shaped labial lips. Putting my cock in that small hole felt great and fucking her was fabulous. Gretchen would mount you and ride your dick all night long. Also she had a mouth like a vacuum cleaner and swallowed every last drop of cum you had. It was not uncommon for her to fuck you three times in one day. Needless to say it was nothing to me that Gretchen had an occasional girlfriend over now and then to fulfill the other side of her sexual identity.

Gretchen’s latest girlfriend was Kathy, a recently divorced tall thin school teacher in town. She wore librarian glasses, had long brunette hair, and had very long legs and small breasts. The difference was that Gretchen was on the masculine side, whereas Kathy when she had full makeup on was one of the most feminine looking women I had ever met. I knew who was the dyke in this relationship, it was my wife!!!
Friday night was Gretchen’s usual night to meet Kathy at the local lesbian club in town. I was surprised that afterwards they came to our house. They walked in on me; Gretchen had a low cut T shirt and jeans on. Kathy on the other hand was dressed in a silk blouse that was unbuttoned to the third button revealing her bra and small tits. She wore a royal blue ankle length long skirt with a slit all the way to mid-thigh revealing her long sensuous legs. She had full makeup on and looked like a fashion model. I got hot just knowing what these two were going to do to each other tonight.

All of us sat on the living room couch and had a drink while watching some lesbian porn. Soon I could tell Gretchen could not wait to get her hands on this living doll. Gretchen’s hand went up Kathy’s long slit skirt as she stroked her legs and began rubbing her inner thighs. This was followed by passionate French kissing. Kathy hand pulled down Gretchen’s T shirt revealing her tiny breasts one of which Kathy soon took in her mouth. I joked “hey you two get a room” as I left the room to go watch them on my hidden web cam.

Before I left these two lesbian women began undressing as they walked to our guest bedroom. Kathy dropped her skirt on the floor and unbuttoned her blouse. Gretchen took off her T shirt exposing herself waist up to her lover. They stopped to kiss in the middle of the room. Gretchen put her hand down Kathy’s panties and began rubbing her pussy as their hands explored each other’s bodies.

I went to my room and was soon watching them laying bed kissing as they took off what remained of their clothing. Gretchen began slowly and sensuously kissing Kathy’s body from head to toe. She paused momentarily to insert her tongue into Kathy’s pussy gently flicking her tongue over her clitoris. She then gave Kathy a deep French kiss as her hand worked on Kathy’s pussy leading her to her first small orgasm.

Then Gretchen went down on Kathy and all I could see was Gretchen’s head bobbing up and down. Occasionally because of her short hair I could see her tongue licking Kathy’s labial lips and her flicking it over Kathy’s clitoris. Then Gretchen’s face and mouth disappeared between Kathy’s legs as she sucked Kathy’s pussy. After several minutes of this treatment Kathy spread her legs further as she writhed on the bed. Gretchen then grabbed some lube and inserted her finger into Kathy’s ass to stimulate her G spot. This did it, as Kathy had her second full orgasm that night. She screamed at the top of her voice as Gretchen worked on her ass and pussy. The passion between these two women was incredible as Gretchen removed her finger from Kathy and kissed and held her lover.

Gretchen and Kathy relaxed for about fifteen minutes, and then Gretchen went to the dresser where she took out a special strap-on. I had an eight inch cock on one end and a two inch nub that would stimulate Gretchen’s clitoris as she fucked Kathy. Kathy from her past experience knew exactly what to do as she got on all fours on the edge of the bed. Thus she gave Gretchen full access to her pussy. Now Gretchen could stand up by the side of the bed and fuck her. Gretchen grabbed Kathy by the hips and inserted the rubber phallus into Kathy’s awaiting pussy.

Now Gretchen was in her element, as the male in this relationship she began fucking her lover, at first the thrusts were very slow, then Gretchen increased her tempo as Kathy moaned softly. By the aggressive look on her face I knew Gretchen was feeling like a man fucking his women. She started making faster and deeper thrusts in her lover as Kathy shouted “fuck me, fuck me hard, make me cum again”. Gretchen obliged her as she fucked her furiously leading the Kathy’s third orgasm of the evening. Kathy began rocking back and forth on the dildo as Gretchen stood still letting Kathy get as much cock in her as she wanted. Then Gretchen took over again and began fucking Kathy hard, she had the look of an angry aggressive man as she kept pounding Kathy’s pussy for another few minutes. Exhausted Gretchen withdrew from her women and both lay back exhausted on the bed.

I watched them hold and caress each other for another ten minutes their hands still exploring each other’s bodies in the “afterglow” of their lovemaking. I found it ironic that Kathy never pleased Gretchen enough to lead her to an orgasm. Gretchen just enjoyed being the “man” for the evening and that was enough for her.

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